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FREE workshop on using Bing Maps with SQL Server and SharePoint on November 2nd in Reading

FREE workshop on using Bing Maps with SQL Server and SharePoint on November 2nd in Reading

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It is surprisingly easy to visualize your data with Bing Maps – once you have the right knowledge. We have a great training opportunity coming up in November to give you that knowledge.

If you are considering a mapping project, this workshop could short cut your learning curve substantially and show you new approaches that will enhance the functionality and performance that you are able to deliver.If you are responsible for spatial data management and presentation you can expect to take away the following:

  • An overview of the capabilities of SQL Server 2008’s spatial engine.
  • Integration of Bing Maps with Sharepoint.
  • Techniques and tools for preparing spatial data for optimum performance and presentation
  • Methods for presenting data in presentation tools such as Bing Maps AJAX and Silverlight controls
  • New ideas and approaches for presenting and querying information with a spatial element.

We will be covering the following topics:

  • Why spatial databases?
  • Why Sharepoint?
  • Introduction to Spatial data types, indexes and functions
  • Loading the Database
  • Preparing the Database Tables (for AJAX)
  • Creating the Stored Procedures (for AJAX)
  • Using the Bing Maps AJAX Control with Vector Data
  • Extending the Database Tables (for Silverlight)
  • Creating the Stored Procedure (for Silverlight)
  • Using the Bing Maps Silverlight Control with Vector Data
  • Creating Static Tile Layers
  • Using the Bing Maps AJAX Control with Raster Data
  • Using the Bing Maps Silverlight Control with Raster Data
  • Creating Dynamic Tile Layers
  • Adding Charts (AJAX)
  • Adding Charts (Silverlight)
  • Spatial data analysis techniques
  • Presenting spatial analysis in your Sharepoint Application.


  • 09.00 Registration
  • 09.30 Start
  • 16.00 Finish

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  • Do you explore the license implications of using bing maps inside a closed environment? Last time I looked it was incredibly expensive to license bing maps in an enterprise environment.

  • Hi Ross, sorry for late response - I was away on holiday. It was a sister team delivering this session and unfortunatley bing licensing isn't my area. I'll ping them for some guidance.

  • Hi Ross (Eric),

    This would depend on the particular scenario but Bing Maps is a very cost effective solution that is licenced on a subscription model.  So in theory, you only pay for what you use.  For general information, please look at  

    If you have a particular scenario, please get in touch -

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