Ever wondered who is behind this blog? Wonder no more. Meet the Microsoft UK “ISV team” of folks who help companies explore and adopt the latest technologies from Microsoft.

NB: “ISV team” is in quotes as it doesn’t really do justice to the breadth of software houses in the UK we now engage with.

The “head honcho”


Liam Kelly – Head Honcho and all round decent chap. Alas in a previous life he must have done something very bad as he has the following team to lead!

The “Is that a Windows Phone 7 in your pocket” gang


Andrew Bennett – Windows Phone 7 application lead

Paul Foster – Developer Evangelist (Blog | twitter) and robot lover

The “We like to go deep with ISVs” crew




Nick Page – leader of this motley crew

Keith “Mr SQL” Burns – Architect Evangelist

Dave “I have a crampon” Allen – Architect Evangelist

Mark Bloodworth – Architect Evangelist (Blog | twitter)

Andrew Sithers – Architect Evangelist (Blog | twitter)

Gemma Yussuf – Architect Evangelist

Adrian Clarke – Architect Evangelist

Simon Michael – Architect Evangelist

And not forgetting



Eric Nelson – Architect Evangelist (Blog | twitter)

Stephanie Cook – who helps everyone else get stuff done!

David Gristwood – Architect Evangelist (Blog | twitter) and technically not in the team – but was until July 2010 and behaves like he still is Smile

Darren Strange – Platform Strategy Advisor working with David on all things Azure.

Peter Mullens – again not quite in the team but looks after Global ISVs and sits with us until he finds a better offer Smile

P.S. We also have team blog + twitter accounts