In the UK we have seen some fantastic take up around the Windows Azure Platform and we have lined up some great stuff in 2011 to help companies fully exploit the Cloud – but we need you to tell us what you are up to!

Once you tell us about your plans around Windows Azure, you will get access to FREE benefits including email based developer support and free monthly allowance of Windows Azure, SQL Azure and AppFabric from Jan 2011 – and more! (This offer is referred to as Cloud Essentials and is explained here)

And… we will be able to plan the right amount of activity to continue to help early adopters through 2011.

Step 1: Sign up your company to Microsoft Platform Ready (you will need a windows live id to do this)


You might also want to check out What is Microsoft Platform Ready and why should I signup?

Step 2: Add your applications


For each application, state your intention around Windows Azure (and SQL etc if you so wish)


Step 3: Verify your application works on the Windows Azure Platform


Step 4 (Optional): Test your application works on the Windows Azure Platform

This step is OPTIONAL. It makes sense to do if you are also interested in achieving a Microsoft Partner Network Silver Competency.

Download the FREE test tool. Test your application with it and upload the successful results.


Step 5: Revisit the MPR site in early January to get details of Cloud Essentials and other benefits

P.S. You might want some background on the “fantastic take up” bit:

  • We helped over 3000 UK companies deploy test applications during the beta phase of Windows Azure
  • We directly trained over 1000 UK developers during 2010
  • We already have over 100 UK applications profiled on the Microsoft Platform Ready site
  • And in a recent survey of UK ISVs you all look pretty excited around Cloud – 42% already offer their solution on the Cloud or plan to.