I suspect many of the readers of this blog are involved in writing B2B applications and many are also looking at the impact and opportunity that Cloud will have on such applications in the future. All good stuff… but likely not nearly as much fun as using the Cloud for gaming.

Sneaky Games is one of the first game developers to deploy a massive web based game on the Microsoft’s Windows Azure Platform.  Earlier this year, they released their top-rated game, Fantasy Kingdoms on Facebook and Hi5 using Windows Azure for hosting and game services.  Members of the Sneaky Games team will talk about their reasons for choosing Windows Azure Platform, the successes and issues along the way, and share best practices to launch games on Facebook via the cloud using the Windows Azure Platform.  At the end of the session, the Sneaky Games team will also answer any questions about their experience with Windows Azure Platform and building Flash-based social games backed with Microsoft technology. 

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Date: Jan 12th 2011

Time: 6pm UK time for 1 hour

You might also want to check out the (very) recently created destination for game developers using Windows Azure: http://www.microsoft.com/windowsazure/gamedevelopers/ 


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