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99 technical resources for developers and architects inside ISVs

99 technical resources for developers and architects inside ISVs

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[27/1/2011 – Updated to add All-In-One Code Framework]

Admittedly it is not really 99 – but it sounded a better title than 36 :-) (No, I didn’t count them)

The following pulls together the best resources to help you discover, explore, learn, adopt and go-live with the latest technologies from Microsoft. It is drawn from recommendations from the UK ISV technical team (meet the team) and will evolve and grow through 2011. I would also encourage folks to post a comment if we are missing any gems. Note that we are a UK based team working with UK ISVs, hence some of the resources are UK specific. Also look out for my personal picks.

FREE On-Demand Training – Videos/Screencasts

Technical Events

  • Recommended  The UK ISV teams recommendations for technical events for ISVs – in person and online, and mainly free
  • Microsoft TechDays is the premier Microsoft UK delivered event for UK developers. TIP: the 2010 event is available to stream and it will be even bigger and better in 2011
  • is a great annual conference to attend if you are a Software Architect inside an ISV
  • Recommended is the biggest annual UK development conference and again comes highly recommended

FREE-ish Technical Support

Code Samples, Libraries etc

  • MSDN Code Gallery enables you to download and share sample applications and code snippets
  • Recommended  CodePlex  from Microsoft contains thousands of Open Source Projects which you can take advantage of in your own solutions
  • Web Application Gallery from Microsoft contains many ISV applications, many of which are Open Source.
  • All-In-One Code Framework is a free, centralized code sample library provided by the Microsoft Community team. Our goal is to provide typical code samples for all Microsoft development technologies

Bloggers who write about ISV “stuff”

Groups and communities

Top 5 “must visit” independent developer sites as “voted for” by the UK ISV team

  • 30,649 (and rising) free Software development and Design articles, code snippets, discussions, and news
  • Recommended is a collaboratively edited question and answer site for programmers. It's 100% free and awesome
  • is a place where you can find the latest Microsoft .NET stories to increase your skills and share your opinions
  • Recommended is a blog of a single Microsoft evangelist – but what a blog! Amazing
  • <Your recommendation could be here – leave a comment>

FREE ebooks and magazines

  • MSDN Magazine is not specifically for ISVs but a lot of developers don’t know it is 100% free online. Well… it is
  • <Your recommendation could be here – leave a comment>

ISV Case Studies:

* MSDN Subscription Required hence not really FREE.

  • is a good site, especially in the UK

  • What about websitespark? It might be targetted at startups, but it didn't stop the rest of us joining!

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