The software industry has its fair share of great technologists who know how to put together great teams to build great software – but few are more visible than Joel Spolsky. I have been a fan for many years and always enjoyed listening to his podcast (which was co-hosted by the awesome Jeff Atwood) or reading his blog and excellent books.

One thing that is clear to me, is that whilst there are other ways to put together great teams and software, Joel has demonstrably done just that with his company Fog Creek Software. Fog Creek is a classic ISV that delivers many products for technical teams and happens to be a great place to work that delivers high quality software.

Hence I was interested to hear last year that Joel was planning to put together a comprehensive training curriculum which would cover the key precepts of software development the way Joel has implemented them and see them in action at Fog Creek. 

What I completely forgot to do… is mention to you folks that the training is now available as a six week training schedule available to order on DVD.

Check it out

Or watch the intro video: