My team is keen to focus more time to listening to technical decision makers inside UK Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) to influence how we work broadly with companies in the future. The key here is “broad”. As a team we’ve always worked closely with a small number of ISVs but we have not traditionally tried to help the larger market (There are thousands of UK ISVs!)

On the 29th of March we will be trying something a little different. Instead of a “broadcast” event, we will be running a small workshop in Reading where you get a chance to contribute to the debate, hear from your peers, and make new connections. Ultimately it will help influence what we do to help.

To kick this off we will be theming the first workshop around “The impact of cloud computing as a disruptive technology for product development”

The workshop will look at things such at:

  • Is it really radically different?
  • What are the advantages? For you? For your customers?
  • What are the disadvantages? For you? For your customers?
  • What does it mean to your business? How you sell? How you support? How you compete?
  • What new opportunities does it create?
  • What more can Microsoft do to help?

This is an “invite only” event – in the sense that I want to keep this workshop:

  • Small – 10 to 15 individuals, each one a technical decision maker (Which typically means Senior Developer, Software Architect, Technical Director, Chief Technology Officer)
  • Diverse – representation from a variety of ISVs (Start-up to established, small to large, thinking of cloud to already doing cloud)
  • Vocal – I want “opinions” in the room, not observers Smile

To propose your good self:

Please send a short email explaining:

  • Why you would like to attend
  • Your role in your company
  • A few words on the size/age/type of your company
  • Your current status wrt exploring/adopting cloud computing (and if relevant, SaaS)

Please email ukdev at with the subject of ISV Workshop (just click the link)

Do not be put off by the above – very short is all I’m after. If we have lots of interest we will arrange a second opportunity, perhaps over Live Meeting (which we will also be exploring as a way of helping UK ISVs).

Nearly forgot – it will be enjoyable!

A big thanks for reading this far!