In response to the growing interest in Cloud Computing amongst software houses and ISVs in the UK we have scheduled the first of (likely) three one day technical briefings. The room takes just 50 folks – hence register asap to “avoid disappointment” :-)

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Title: Understanding why and how to develop for the Cloud with the Windows Azure Platform

When: March 31st

Where: Building 3, Microsoft Campus, Reading, UK

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Event Overview

This day is about getting you up to speed on why you should be looking at the Windows Azure Platform, what tools and services it offers and how you can start to explore it to create new solutions, migrate elements of existing solutions or integrate with existing systems. Expect sessions which take you from the basics through to the detailed learnings from early adopters of the Windows Azure Platform.


This briefing is aimed at software architects and developers with at least 6 months experience using Visual Studio 2008 or Visual Studio 2010. It is primarily intended for UK based partners developing software products (Independent Software Vendors).

At the end of the day you will:

• Have gained an understanding of why and how to use the Windows Azure Platform

• Understand the potential next steps and how to continue to get assistance from Microsoft.


9:30 Registration

10:00 Why move applications to "the Cloud"?

This opening session will help you separate fact from fiction and ensure you understand exactly why you should be considering the Windows Azure Platform for cloud computing.

10:30 A-Z of the Windows Azure Platform

11:00 Break

This session will summarise the individual elements of the platform and where they can fit with your application architectures.

11:15 Getting Started with Windows Azure Development

This session will show you what it takes to build a new solution or migrate an existing one using Visual Studio 2010 and the Windows Azure Platform SDKs.

12:30 Lunch

13:15 Lap around Windows Azure AppFabric

Windows Azure AppFabric often proves to be the life saver in terms of getting a solution completed, especially if that solution needs to "play well" with existing systems.

14:15 Break

14:30 Lap around SQL Azure

SQL Azure is a powerful relational store in the cloud which is complemented by additional services for Reporting and Data Synchronisation. It is a key element of many cloud applications.

15:20 Windows Azure Platform Roadmap

Learn about where the product teams are focusing their efforts and how you can help shape the thinking.

15:50 Panel Q&A

A chance to ask all the speakers those niggling questions that haven't been covered by the rest of the day

16:00 Close

Register today (Live ID required)