I have known Artinsoft for many years. They have great pedigree in delivering tools and services to help companies migrate “old cold on old platforms” to “newish code on new platforms”.

More recently they have been helping companies migrate code to a very new platform – the Windows Azure Platform for Cloud Computing.

They have a specific offering for VB6 to Windows Azure which I would recommend you take a look at if your starting point is VB6.


They have also started to share on their blog some of the tips and best practices they are learning through their work. The following caught my eye:

IIS/Endpoints/WCF etc

Set Fixed port for ASP.NET project. Good for Silverlight and Azure projects

If you are doing Silverlight development, one thing that can be cumbersome is keeping in sync your development and production settings. Specially if you are using WCF services because you have to make sure that your ServiceClient.config file has the right...

Azure Migration: ASP.NET Site with Classic Pipeline mode

Recently while we were performing the migration of a blog engine in ASP.NET to Azure we had to deal with some issues with the differences between IIS6 and IIS7. Windows Azure Web Roles, use IIS7, with Integrated Pipeline mode and that is a breaking change...

Dynamically change WCF Endpoint

Specially if you are working with Silverlight and Azure you will end up in situation where you would like to redirect your WCF Endpoint dinamically ( I don’t think you can guess the GUID that Azure will generate for your staging enviroment). Out...


Doing Backups in Windows Azure

When we migrate our customers to Azure, we want them to take advantage of this rich platform. Even for a simple deployment you get a Windows Azure Storage Account, and that account means up to 100TB of storage!!!!! So take advantage of that. One common...

Windows Azure Migration: Database Migration, Post 1

When you are doing an azure migration, one of the first thing you must do is collect all the information you can about your database. Also at some point in your migration process you might consider between migration to SQL Azure or Azure Storage or...

not .NET

Running Coldfusion on a Web Server Role

I have been playing around with one of my test Azure Web Roles to determine if it is possible to run it inside Azure, using a Web Role not just a VM Role. So far I have been able to run Coldfusion 8 in a Web Role, but I have not been able to fully automate...

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