I have been waiting patiently for these to appear as many ISVs have been asking for exactly the information contained within this series. The series contains five 30 minute on-demand webinars which address the business changes that an ISV needs to consider when moving to SaaS and the cloud.

This webinar series is designed for traditional on-premise ISVs navigating the internal business changes necessary to be successful in the cloud with SaaS applications. They provide best practices, key metrics, and examples from ISVs already using the Windows Azure Platform. Each is accompanied by recommendations for further reading.

To get access to the complete series:

Succeeding with SaaS Webinar Series: Navigating the Business Changes for ISVs Moving to the Cloud

or you can go straight to the individual sessions below. I would also recommend you take a look at this recent post by Ulf Avrin on Preparing for the Cloud.

How Will Cloud Services Impact Your Business?

The transition to the cloud and selling your applications via SaaS is not just a technical decision. This first webinar presents market opportunities, new challenges and outlines key activities you should be engaging in.

Planning for Financial Success

How can you optimize your business strategy, ensuring financial viability when moving to the cloud with SaaS applications?

Packaging and Pricing Cloud Offerings

Why are personas so critical to the packaging of cloud offerings? How do you go about delivering a profitable service at a price point that will attract the greatest number of customers in the shortest amount of time?

Demand Generation and Cloud Services

How can you optimize demand generation activities for your SaaS applications? What marketing activities can help you extend beyond acquiring paying customers and expand throughout the entire customer lifecycle?

Sales and Support in the Cloud

Selling and supporting SaaS applications requires new approaches to acquire and retain customers over the long term. This webinar addresses the differences between selling traditional software and cloud services and how these differences manifest themselves in new roles and responsibilities throughout the organization.

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