Those nice folks at Black Marble have been busy again – this time showing how a “business application” fits into out V1 ecosystem for the Windows Phone and the limits it currently has around the marketplace. They have created an application for Windows Phone which allows you to access your TFS server and perform common operations – after you also get a custom web service up and running in front of your TFS server.

You can:

  • See recent builds and drill into the results
  • Queue new builds
  • View and add work items

The application talks to a TFS 2008 or 2010 server via a custom web service available from Black Marble. But if you just want a quick look to see what it can do then check out the demo web service to trial the application using the default account details stored in the application.

Download the trial version by searching the market place for Black Marble and TFS Phone Explorer or try the marketplace deep link.  


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