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Quick Answer: Very healthy, thanks for asking.

Longer Answer: Product developers need to make careful and informed choices when selecting platforms to target – as each new platform significantly increases the demands placed on the development and support functions of the business. When thinking about smart phones there are (arguably) five platforms to consider – IPhone, Android, BlackBerry, Windows Mobile and most recently Windows Phone 7. I’m very confident that Windows Phone 7 is easily the most developer friendly platform of the five based on all the feedback we have been getting from ISVs working across these different platforms. And that is now showing up nicely “in the stats”.

The excellent site WP7 Applist has been comprehensively tracking the marketplace. Currently (as of 27th April 2011) they are tracking 14116 apps in the UK Marketplace with a whopping 141 new apps added in the last 24 hours.

Taken (with appreciation) from http://wp7applist.com/en-GB/stats/

The take up by developers continues to be fantastic:


Which has lead to a stunning number of applications (some of which are really really good):


And it looks like we are still accelerating:


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