This article on Redmond Developer News caught my eye. It summaries the results of some research by Forrester which surveyed 2,500 developers and 933 technology decision-makers in North America and Europe.

Some highlights for me:

  • Roughly 71 percent of enterprises (1,000 or more employees) reported using the .NET platform for custom-developed applications
    • Well done .NET!
  • Of the Visual Studio developers surveyed, 75 percent reported using .NET Framework 3.0 or higher
    • Which makes our lives that little bit easier!
  • 26 percent of .NET developers reported using Windows Presentation Foundation
    • This surprised me a little. I seem to bump into very little of this activity in my travels. I need to dig further.
  • 31 percent of Visual Studio developers reported using ADO.NET Entity Framework
    • Hopefully EF 4.0 – as 1.0 was and is hard work.
  • Of the organizations currently developing mobile apps, 56 percent develop for the Apple iPhone, 50 percent for the Android, 42 percent for Windows Mobile/Windows Phone, 36 percent for the Apple iPad, 19 percent for the Blackberry and 8 percent for Symbian
    • Developing for many devices/platforms is becoming the norm rather than the exception these days
  • The preferred cloud dev target for Visual Studio developers is Windows Azure at 59 percent, followed by Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud at 12 percent and Google App Engine at 7 percent
    • Well done Azure!