Question: Is Microsoft so focused on Windows Azure that it doesn’t care about helping UK software product authors that have no plans to use it?

Short answer:  We absolutely do care about helping software product authors (ISVs) adopt other MS technologies. Check out Microsoft Platform Ready and the breadth of technologies we recently dug into at Tech Days 2011 (Session recordings available on-demand).

Long answer: The Windows Azure Platform is a big investment from Microsoft. It is also a “game changer”. The successful adoption of public cloud by a software product author will often involve new engineering work, new business models, organisational changes, embracing of SaaS and more. Potentially a lot of time and money – but with the prospect of some great rewards and new opportunities which result from being aligned early with a significant shift in how computing supports businesses in the next decade.

Hence Microsoft is trying to offer appropriate (i.e. significant) assistance to UK companies who wish to move early to leverage public cloud. Which sometimes “drowns out” the other work we are doing.

The good news is that the great work we do around helping companies around technologies such as SQL Server 2008 R2, Windows Server 2008 R2, Windows Phone 7, Visual Studio continues – along with new entrants such as Office 365. The assistance we offer for product authors is pulled together (in the main) under Microsoft Platform Ready – and in the future codename Windows 8 (check out the Sep Build conference). Currently we cover 10 technologies/products:


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