Microsoft Platform Ready (MPR) has been extended to include support for companies building applications around or with Microsoft Lync.  Lync opens up some really interesting new opportunities.

With the Lync SDK, you can add Microsoft Lync 2010 features to an existing business application, or create a custom client that includes Microsoft Lync 2010 features. In either case, Lync 2010 must be a running process on the client computer that hosts a Microsoft Lync 2010 API application.

  • Lync Controls: To add Lync 2010 features to an application, you drag and drop XAML controls from the Lync SDK into a Microsoft Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) or Microsoft Silverlight application.
  • Lync API: Lync 2010 API is commonly used to start a new conversation within your custom application, after which you’ll participate in that conversation using the Lync 2010 conversation window. You can also start and participate in a conversation within your custom application without displaying the Lync 2010 conversation window. Lync 2010 API can also be used to generate a contact list within your custom application using data obtained from Lync 2010.

Next steps:

  • Check out the Lync page on MPR
  • Then sign up to MPR if you haven’t already done so and get access to the Office 365 beta.