At TechEd in May David Robinson discussed the investment themes for SQL Azure in the remainder of 2011.

Watch from 49mins

The three top level themes were:

  • Managed Service
  • Scale on Demand
  • Faster Innovation

You might also want to check out a Roadmap slide I used in May at Tech Days 2011.

Managed Service

Data Protection/Recovery

  • Local Backup/PIT Restore: to recover from users/app errors
  • Geo Backup/Disaster Recovery from data center/geographical disasters

New Data Movement Capabilities

  • DB Import/Export of data and schema between SQL Azure and SQL Server
  • Migration support to SQL Azure from Sybase, in addition to existing support for Access, MySQL, Oracle

Enhanced Management Experiences

  • Enhanced portal-based management
  • Multiple DB administrators per subscription to support enterprise scenarios

Scale on Demand

Scale-out with Federation

  • Scale to virtually unlimited size to host very large databases across multiple servers
  • Better support for multi-tenant applications with numerous tenants

Scale-up & Scale-down Databases

  • Scale beyond 50GB, less than 1GB

Performance Predictability

  • Reserve compute capacity with Resource SLA

Enhanced multi-tenancy support

  • API level support for multiple DB server per subscription, provisioning & de-provisioning

Faster Innovation

Rich Insights With Reporting as a Service

  • Ability to author rich reports, host in Azure and view in on-premises or cloud apps

Spanning Apps With Sync Service

  • Synchronize data between SQL Azure DBs and between SQL Azure & SQL Server DBs

Rich Developer Experiences

  • Professional Devs: VS “Juneau”
  • Departmental Devs: VS LightSwitch
  • Java Devs: supported JDBC driver
  • International Devs: Localized Azure Portal

DataMarket Enhancements

  • International Rollout
  • Enhanced Content Management
  • Integration with Denali, Office, CRM

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