At TechDays we had a Windows Azure Platform developer track repeated Monday and Tuesday + other sessions during the week featuring the Windows Azure Platform. The below brings them all together in one place for your enjoyment.

I will also be highlighting the “Best of TechDays 2011” on the blog.


Why or am I really in the right track - Tuesday 24th

The last twelve months has seen the industry go "cloud crazy" - and with that has come often contradictory definitions of the cloud, some cynical rebranding and an unhealthy sprinkle of general FUD. The good news is "the Cloud" does solve problems that we face today as developers building complex (and simple) solutions. This opening session will help you separate fact from fiction and ensure you understand exactly why you should be considering the Windows Azure Platform for cloud computing. By the end of the session you will know for sure whether to stick around for the day or do a little shopping :-)

A-Z of the Windows Azure Platform - Tuesday 24th

The Windows Azure Platform is broader than you think. As well as basic services such as the ability to run code and store your data, it also offers richer service such as Reporting Services, Caching, Federated Security and Service Bus technology. This session will summarise the individual elements and where they can fit with your application architectures.

Working with the Windows Azure Platform - the good, the bad and the ugly - Tuesday 24th

Rob has been working with the Windows Azure Platform since it was codenamed "Red Dog", prior to commercial launch. This session will expose what it is really like to build solutions using the Windows Azure Platform. Rob will share a number of case studies to talk about Windows Azure in the wild, and give an honest, independent assessment of the good, the bad and the ugly.

Introduction to Windows Azure Platform - Windows Azure, SQL Azure and AppFabric

Windows Azure provides the platform to build scaleable, resilient and highly available applications from the cloud, but how? In this session we’ll put the components together and help you get the understanding you need to help your organization take advantage of platform.

Windows Azure Platform Roadmap - Tuesday 24th

The technologies and services that make up the Windows Azure Platform has grown rapidly through 2010 and will continue to evolve at a pace in 2011. Learn about where the product teams are focusing their efforts and how you can help shape the thinking. I will also be highlighting the “Best of TechDays 2011” on the blog.

Now What - Tuesday 24th

Did you know we have many free offerings for developers to help you explore the Windows Azure Platform? Or that we have a virtual machine that will help you get up and running in no time? Or that we have tools to help you understand the TCO and ROI of the cloud? This session will make sure you leave today knowing exactly which route you should take and the support options available to help you explore the platform.

Windows Azure

New, Old or Pink - it is all good - Tuesday 24th

Greenfield development. Brownfield development. Pinkfield development. Each brings with it challenges and opportunities but all are candidates for the Windows Azure Platform. This session will show you what it takes to build a new solution or migrate an existing one using Visual Studio 2010 and the Windows Azure Platform SDKs. P.S. PinkField development is a made up term.


Lest we forget - Windows Azure AppFabric - Tuesday 24th

Windows Azure and SQL Azure are normally the first technologies developers look at when they start to explore this new platform but it turns out that AppFabric often proves to be the life saver in terms of getting a solution completed, especially if that solution needs to "play well" with existing systems.

Connecting the Windows Azure network to your corporate network - Tuesday 24th

This is possibly THE most important session of the day. Getting security right in solutions you build has never been more important. Learn how the Windows Azure AppFabric gives you the tools and services to deliver your most secure applications yet.

Connecting your Private and Public Clouds with ADFS

Learn how to setup Active Directory Federation Services and how to connect to Azure and Office 365 to streamline logon and security.

SQL Azure

Storing bits and bytes in the cloud - Tuesday 24th

The Windows Azure Platform offers three distinct solutions to storing your data - Windows Azure Storage, Virtual Drives and … SQL Azure. SQL Azure is a powerful relational store in the cloud which is complemented by additional services for Reporting and Data Synchronisation. It is a key element of many cloud applications and is also ... rather FAB!


Making Azure relevant to you and your Organisation

How you deploy, manage and support applications in the cloud with Windows Azure. We take a look at deployment scenarios, management tools and the nuances of supporting Windows Azure.

Public cloud for the IT Professional

An introduction to the Azure platform for IT Pros giving you an understanding of how the technology works, in addition we will discuss what's new with Office 365 and Windows Intune and how they deliver a more agile desktop for the cloud.

Case Studies

The Windows Azure Platform went live in January 2010 which means that in the UK we already have some great examples of solving real business problems elegantly through the use of cloud computing. In this session we will take a lighting look at the best of the best and demonstrate just how broad an application cloud computing has to today's business:

Every Cloud has an Orange Lining: How easyJet is making cloud work

easyJet is the UKs largest airline and is a top 10 European eCommerce website. Being lean and efficient is in their DNA but then so is being resilient and secure. Come along and find out how easyJet has used Windows Azure to solve some of its complex business problems and how cloud is forming a fundamental part of its future IT strategy.

Getting Tech.Days online

Let's explore how we put Tech.Days online - go behind the scenes on the server and client implementation and see how Umbracco, Windows Azure and the tools come together.