Good news - we are hiring a marketing manager to help my team better engage with UK ISVs to raise awareness of key technologies, encourage adoption and (ultimately) make oodles of money for the ISVs - and us :-) Oh – and expect a lot of Windows Azure in the mix.

This will be a fantastic role for the lucky person who gets it and as far as I can see the only downside is you would be working pretty closely with me :-)

Check out the full job description which I boil down to:

  • Make a positive difference with UK ISVs by encouraging the smart adoption of technology
  • and
  • Achieve this by building on your existing strong marketing experience and understanding of partner ecosystems
  • whilst
  • Showing a passion for the positive impact technology can have

Additionally the following (IMHO) would be helpful:

  • Bring cakes in for birthdays
  • Like talking about tennis during Wimbledon fortnight (easily bluffed)