With the increasing customer interest in cloud based solutions it is important to consider how your own Intellectual property could be brought to the cloud and made available as a revenue generating service.

This is a series of short videos from the one-day conference – Journey to the Cloud. The videos focus on the sharing a view of the market, the opportunities cloud brings to our partners and the commercial implications of turning your products into service. View the videos below.

The Cloud and ISVs - Rob Fraser, CTO at Microsoft, shares insight into the changing IT landscape and talks about the opportunity for ISVs on the Cloud.

Lessons Learned With BPOS - Tim Brassey, ISV Platform Evangelist at Microsoft, shares the lessons learned from Microsoft’s BPOS implementation and the considerations ISVs should make when thinking about creating their own SaaS offering.

A View of the Market - A Microsoft Partner, Giant Step, shares an external view of the market and how ISVs are taking advantage of the opportunities on the Cloud.