As part of the Britain Works, Microsoft’s DPE and Citizenship teams have been working with training company QA and e-skills UK to develop a year-long Modern Apprenticeship in Software Development.

The apprentice programme offers employers an alternative route for on-boarding their next generation talent at the ground floor, and nurturing skills on the job. Today there are five different Microsoft partner apprenticeship programmes some of which include - Desktop support, .NET Software & Web Development & Database Support (SQL Infrastructure).

Partners who took on apprentices have been pleasantly surprised with what these junior developers have achieved. Most of them exceed the expectations employers had at the beginning of the programme. There are currently 100+ .NET developer apprentices employed by 50+ employers across the UK. Many senior developers mentor the apprentices during their employment to give them extra support and encouragement as well as the chance to specialise. View more about the Microsoft Apprentice Programme on the MSDN blog.

We have spoken to Trinity, a Microsoft Gold partner, who was one of the first partners to get involved in the Microsoft Apprentice Programme to understand how their business has benefited from the programme. Chris Drinan, Manager at Trinity, talks about why they participated in the program and how they chose Ben Freedman for the role at Trinity. Ben shares his experiences during the apprenticeship. Find out more.

The programme is a classic win-win for both parties – the apprentice gets on the job development experience with real-world projects and the employer gets to trial people very low risk, with the ability to develop them to meet their needs.

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