Something I am keen to see more of on this blog is guest posts by “people in the know” on topics relevant to UK software companies. One such “person in the know” is Nicci Cox of Grey Matter.


How to make more profit on the Microsoft Platform



by Nicci Cox, ISV Manager, Grey Matter Limited.

Many ISV’s are looking at ways to work smarter with their solution and their customers, and a common question asked of me is “How can I make more profit from the Microsoft Platform?” There are a few responses I can give, but I’ll start with the simplest and most obvious – Microsoft Licensing! On most occasions when providing a solution to an end customer, you will need to understand if your solution will work in the environment that it is intended for, how many servers there are, and sometimes how many users will be accessing the server. These questions can outline the need for additional Microsoft licensing with the addition of one more question to your customer…. Do you have the underlying Microsoft licenses in place?

By understanding if there is an opportunity to provide Microsoft Licensing, you are already one step closer to increasing your profitability with the Microsoft platform. Selling Microsoft licensing may not be your first or even your second or third priority for increasing your profitability within your business, however… if your solution is influencing the sale of new Microsoft licenses, why not supply them rather than passing the profits on to someone else to yield?

By working with Grey Matter, we can assist you identifying licensing opportunities within your customers, advise on the correct and compliant licenses required and the best fit licensing model to fulfil your customer’s needs. To simplify this even further Grey Matter can even talk directly to your customer to assist in speeding up the sales process.

Grey Matter has a dedicated team that focuses on helping ISVs, and any company that creates a unified solution for resale. The team can help you maximise the commercial benefits from building applications on the Microsoft platform – whether it be on premise, in an appliance, hosted or on Windows Azure. We will also able to help you to source all your internal software needs, whether this is software for your development team or to run your business.

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