The release of Visual Studio 11 Beta brings the best experiences to developers for Windows 8 as well as building on the great work we started with Visual 2010 building towards a mature ALM Solution unparalleled in the market.

Its goal is to helps developers build stunning Metro style apps for Windows 8. When you install Visual Studio 11 Beta with the Windows 8 Consumer Preview, you’ll have an opportunity to try out the new tools, which are designed to help you, each step of the way. Try the Visual Studio 11 Beta.

Visual Studio 11 beta provides a depth and breadth of capability across multiple platforms, and through Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) process maturity. You can find out more about how your organisation approaches ALM, and how you can make real improvements, by taking the ALM Assessment.

To coincide with the launch of Visual Studio 11 Beta we have a number of great offers to help you get prepared for one of the most exciting launches from Microsoft. Whether you want to take up MSDN to ensure you get the latest version when it is released or you are interested in adding Test tools to your Visual Studio investment we have an offer to help. To find out more about our great offers go to -

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