UK ISV Developer Evangelism Team

Information for companies that develop software products in the United Kingdom from the Microsoft UK technical team
Getting help on technology adoption from Microsoft UK

If your company is based in the UK and develops software products*, then the UK Developer and Platform Evangelism team would like to help.

There are five simple steps you should take:

  1. Bookmark the team blog - which will signpost events and training plus drill into the latest technologies
  2. Join the LinkedIn group to spend time with peers and connect with the team
  3. Start following the team twitter account which will have breaking news plus a chance to interact
  4. Profile your applications use of our latest technologies to gain access to technical and marketing benefits
  5. Check out 99 technical resources for developers and architects inside ISVs

Currently the team is primarily focused on helping companies build products using:

  • The Windows Azure Platform
  • HTML 5 and Internet Explorer 9.0
  • Windows Phone 7
  • Visual Studio 2010

* Such companies are often referred to as an Independent Software Vendors. The team is focused on companies that create products used by many other companies or individuals. That could be a packaged product you can buy "off the shelf" or a Web Site offering a service - the definition is actually pretty wide these days :-) What it does not include is a company building software which will only be used by its own people.

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