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Information for companies that develop software products in the United Kingdom from the Microsoft UK technical team
How we can help you with the Windows Azure Platform

The Microsoft UK Developer and Platform Group (Meet the UK Partner team) is helping partner organisations to understand, explore and ultimately create solutions which take advantage of the Windows Azure Platform for Cloud Computing.

Which is why we have created the FREE "Six Weeks of Windows Azure" program starting in January 2012 and already accepting companies. We would encourage you to sign up today.

You should also check out Getting help on technology adoption from Microsoft UK and Getting started with Windows Azure.

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UK Activities and Resources


There are lots of great resources from Microsoft to help you explore the Windows Azure Platform and in the UK we are working hard to create a complimentary set of local activities and resources. We will be working through August to expand on each of the areas below - please pop back again to check on the latest.

Assessing the relevance of the Windows Azure Platform?

If you are uncertain about Cloud Computing and the Windows Azure Platform then the following should help:

Already committed to building or extending a solution with the Windows Azure Platform?

Check out the following if you have decided to adopt the Windows Azure Platform:

Already have an application using the Windows Azure Platform?

We want you to be successful with your solution now that it is built. Expect more details in the coming months but we certainly recommend that you explore including your application on the Windows Azure Marketplace.