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About UK msdn


About UK msdn

We’re the official Microsoft blog for developers in the UK. We listen to developers around the country and write about the things you care about.

  • Martin Beeby (aka The Beebs)

    I talk to developers up and down the country about building websites and webservices. It's my job to understand Microsoft web technologies, break them down and then explain them to anyone who will listen. Topic Specialisms include MVC, C#, HTML5 and JavaScript. My blog is here if you want to find out more.

  • Mike Ormond

    As an evangelist here at Microsoft I’m all about enabling talented developers to build great applications on Microsoft Windows Phone 7. You can find my blog here.

  • Steve Plank (aka Planky)

    I tend to get into a froth about the technologies that live underneath the veneer of the code – protocols, data-exchanges, encryption, that kind of caper: all the stuff that’s hidden from the developer. That’s why I’ve got a great job evangelising the web and cloud technologies that sit atop the Microsoft stack. You can read more on my blog.

  • Mike Taulty

    I'm a developer evangelist which means that I help customers understand and adopt our technologies via either working 1:1 or, more likely, via 1-many mechanisms such as in-person conferences, articles, blogs, screencasts, videos on the web. You can read my blog here.

  • Sara Allison

    I’m the editor of the UK MSDN blog and website and I also sub edit the fortnightly MSDN Flash newsletter. If you’ve been working on innovative projects with Microsoft technology then we want to hear from you. Send your ideas to us by email or via Twitter. We also want to know whether we’re talking about what you want to hear about! We rely on your feedback and suggestions to make the blog as interesting and fun to read as possible.

  • Paul Lo

    I am the Technical Audience Marketing Manager for Developers in the UK which means I care about helping you learn and understand Microsoft’s latest technologies. At the end of the day, I want to be able to offer relevant and meaningful resources to help you focus on what’s most important to you. Please share your thoughts and ideas with me via email or Twitter and let’s start a conversation.