One of the most popular features of the MSDN Flash is our regular Visual Studio top tip. So that they don't get lost in the archives I've gone back through this year's newsletters to bring you all the best recent tips in one handy blog post. If these little nuggets leave you hungry for more, get future tips and tricks hot off the press by signing up for the fortnightly Flash newsletter.

  • Visual Studio 2010 Lab Management, moving into final release at the end of August, provides an integrated development and testing platform for virtual lab management. If you want to try out Lab Management scenarios, you can download a preconfigured VHD which has all lab management components installed and configured.
  • As Scrum has become one of the dominant project management methodologies in recent years and is quickly becoming a default for teams looking to improve their existing processes, Visual Studio Scrum 1.0 was released last week. It’s a prescriptive Scrum template that follows the Scrum methodology from top to bottom.
  • The Visual Studio Gallery has grown to over a thousand extensible APIs created for Visual Studio 2010. There are many innovative and practical extensions, such as a colour theme editor which lets you customise the colour palette, available at no cost
  • Take Sara Ford’s challenge to complete 101 Visual Studio 2010 demos in 55 minutes. If you have a few minutes or the full 55, there is a lot of goodness in here. 
  • IntelliTrace provides easy play back and debugging in Visual Studio 2010.
  • Visual Studio 'myth busting matrix' – the latest release of our interactive tool includes Visual Studio 2010 and reveals the benefits of upgrading and dispels some common myths.
  • Have you seen the Microsoft UK Developer Tools Team blog? Get all the latest developer tools news to help you get your job done more easily.

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