The biggest topic of conversation in our office this week has been the dreadful weather and the resulting wardrobe crises. That’s another blog altogether, but happily the sun’s still shining on UK MSDN – here’s what we’ve been getting up to this week.

Monday saw the arrival of this fortnight’s MSDN Flash poll, ahead of Wednesday’s newsletter. We asked you to tell us what you like to munch on whilst you’re working late.

On your marks…Tuesday’s post announced the great news that the final version of Windows Phone Developer Tools will be available on 16th September.

Wednesday was MSDN Flash newsletter day, and we published a really interesting feature article introducing Visual Studio LightSwitch and WebMatrix from our very own Eric Nelson. Take a look here. We also discovered a nice resource for beginner developers on the UK MSDN website.

On Thursday we asked you what you want from this blog. It’s all very well for me to happily post away but I want to make sure I’m making the blog work for you. We also found a fun video on Channel 9 in which Microsoft Developer Evangelist, Sara Ford, attempts to demo 101 Visual Studio tips in 55 minutes. Brave lady.

So here we are, Friday at last! Today’s posts came courtesy of our US colleagues and the August edition of MSDN magazine, packed with in-depth articles written by our resident experts across the pond.

Have a great weekend. It’s a long one over here, so we’ll be back with you on Tuesday.