What with the Bank Holiday and all, it’s been a short but substantial week for the UK MSDN blog. Here’s what’s had the UK MSDN team’s tongues wagging since Tuesday.

Tuesday’s post brought news of new Hotmail features with Exchange ActiveSync – I know they’ve made my inbox a lot easier to manage from my mobile phone. Ok, so it’s not specifically developer news, but hey, we all use email, right?

On Wednesday I heard tell of the Windows Phone 7 Developer Training Kit, designed to help beginners who want to get started with developing applications for the latest Windows Phone operating system. Take a look – it’s a great resource page to bookmark.

Thursday’s post came courtesy of the great ScottGu, who published his latest link-listing post. It’s a collection of links worthy of a good, long look over a cup of tea. Definitely not to be missed.

And so here we are, Friday afternoon again. Hope you’re all looking forward to a good, lazy weekend away from the office. Today’s posts featured the latest fortnightly MSDN Flash poll – let us know which Visual Studio add-ins you use most often. The last poll brought to light your love of pizza – we know how to tempt you to future events! Also today, an update from Eric Nelson on the forthcoming Windows Azure online conference.

Have a great weekend!