New opportunities lead to great development experiences on the Microsoft platform.

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Join us on 5 October at the ICC in London for a UK TechDays special event featuring a keynote speech from Microsoft CEO, Steve Ballmer.

Planned sessions:

A lap around Windows Phone 7

Taking a look at Windows Phone 7 and the developer ecosystem, from the capabilities and unique features of the platform to the development frameworks and tools you have at your disposal. Along the way we’ll build a simple application or two and explore how people can purchase your finished masterpiece.

A lap around the Windows Azure Platform

Hear how the Windows Azure Platform provides a scalable compute and storage environment with Windows Azure, secure connectivity with Service Bus and Access Control Service, and a relational database with SQL Azure. Learn about these new services and see demos that show how to build applications that run in and take advantage of Microsoft’s new cloud platform.

We’re Not on XP Any More - A Windows 7 Application in 45 Minutes

In this code-only session we'll use Visual Studio 2010 and any .NET assembly that we can beg, borrow, steal or even build in order to put together a simple, modern Windows 7 application from scratch using the journey to provide pointers on how your applications can shine by using features that Windows XP only dreamt about (when it wasn’t dreaming of electric sheep in its world limited by 2 processor cores, 4GB of RAM and GDI based graphics) .

Keynote: New opportunities and compelling experiences

Microsoft’s Chief Executive Officer, Steve Ballmer, will talk about new opportunities to deliver seamless experiences across many screens and a cloud, and why NOW is such an exciting time for developers.

IE9 The Best Browser for Windows

In this session we will use IE9 and a sprinkling of JavaScript and HTML5 to show you how to create an integrated and immersive experience maximizing the full power of your visitors Windows 7 PC.

11am – Registration
5.30pm – Event closes

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