The UK MSDN team’s collective backside has barely touched its chair this week. You can certainly tell summer hols are over for another year, and our little corner of Microsoft is once again bustling with activity. Here’s what we’ve been getting up to on the blog over the last five days.

Monday’s posts were all about new stuff – the first borrowed from Mike Ormond, who’s been checking out some great Windows 7 app demos. Next up we announced a UK TechDays special event to which we’ll be welcoming Microsoft CEO, Steve Ballmer. Put it in your diary and register early – we’ll see you on 5th October in London.

On Tuesday I found the September edition of MSDN magazine, packed full of in depth articles written by experts on a range of topics. Grab yourself a coffee, pull up a chair and take a look at this month’s contents here.

Wednesday saw me all blogged out as this fortnight’s MSDN Flash landed in all your inboxes. I may have fluffed a couple of the links when I was editing this one (ok, I definitely did), but all’s shipshape with the online version. The feature article from Alex Homer p&p goes mobile with Windows Phone 7 and Windows Azure, really caught your eye.

Last, but not least we posted details of two new Windows Azure events, one online and one where you can get out and about to meet likeminded folk – find out what they’re all about here.

It was all about Office 2010 on Thursday – I found a newly published white paper aimed specifically at developers, detailing what’s new and different. Have a look around the MSDN Library while you’re there – you’ll find some really good stuff.

I have to thank two of my colleagues for today’s two posts. Steve Plank shows you How to get free compute/storage/IO on Windows Azure on his blog, and somewhere across the ether, Mike Ormond's post about Windows Phone 7 training highlights 12 sessions of free learning that you can take whenever you feel like it.

That’s all from me this week. Have a great weekend, folks. I’ll be choosing bathroom tiles – beat that for excitement :)