Thanks to Martin Beeby, Microsoft Developer Evangelist, for this fab post.

Modern web browsers use about 10% of your PCs power, Tonight in San Francisco Microsoft released Internet Explorer 9 Beta and unlocked the other 90%.

Internet Explorer 9 beta is not only fast, secure and standards compliant but it also enables developers to bring users closer to their favourite websites.

For example users can now drag the favicon from the browser address bar and pin it to taskbar so that the browser doesn't get in the way of the user and their websites. Below we can see how it looks on the Gorillaz website.


Better still, if the user right clicks the icon on their taskbar they can use a Windows 7 Jump list to navigate to different sections of the website. We call this feature site pinning.


You can see how the Gorillaz  achieved site pinning by visiting their website and viewing the source. I'll also discuss this in more detail over at my blog tomorrow.

It's really very simple all you need to add are a few simple meta tags:

<meta name="msapplication-task" content="name=Plastic Beach;action-uri=;icon-uri=" />


When we say fast we mean fast, really fast. Our new JavaScript Engine code named Chakra interprets, compiles, and executes code in parallel and takes advantage of multiple CPU cores, when available. For HTML5 experiences we leverage the power of the GPU to give your canvas animations, video and audio more panache.

IE9 tries to ensure that it’s fast in real world applications. Different Sites exercise different sub-systems of the browser and the IE team have ensured that our JavaScript Engine performs well when used by Real websites not just benchmarks… Although it performs better than most there too.


According to NSS Labs Internet Explorer 8’s , SmartScreen Filtering blocks 3x more malware than Firefox and 5x more than Chrome.  In IE9 SmartScreen has been extended with Application Reputation.  When the new download manager (yes, there’s a download manager) downloads an unsigned executable, it checks to ensure it’s legitimate.

Standard Compliant

The Internet Explorer 9 team remains committed to compliance with W3C and Ecma International web standards. The Internet Explorer Team have developed 569 new test cases for several web standards working groups to ensure that developers can write code once and be confident that it will look and function the same across all browsers. You can see how Internet Explorer 9 currently performs against these tests here.

Download the IE9 Beta today and test some of the coolest HTML5 that our partners have been working with us on:

· The Killers ( – one of the biggest rock bands in the world with a full IE9-optimized HTML5 website. Showcasing video, Canvas, WOFF fonts and SVG.

· The Gorillas ( - The site is full of HTML5 goodies and supports Pinning and other windows 7 integration features.

· Jitterbugs ( – a game that uses Canvas, SVG, WOFF and audio to deliver an experience that you’d have never been able to do in a browser before IE9.

· Rough Guides ( – this blurs the lines between a web page and a full application, integrating data from Flickr and curated content into a beautiful, zoomable interface.

· Never Mind the Bullets ( – a parallax comic built with HTML5.

· Agent 008 Ball ( – a pool game with a spy theme that uses Canvas, audio and WOFF fonts.

· AP Timeline Reader ( – a news reader with a difference – browse through the articles that you’re interested in reading and add them to a queue; then read them in a clutter-free environment with customizable fonts and high-res photos.