clip_image001It’s the moment you’ve all been waiting for. Final Windows Phone dev tools are now available to download – there’s a single download with everything you need to create apps and games for Windows Phone 7. Watch out though - any application built with a previous version of the tools will fail application certification in the marketplace. When you do submit your application, it’ll take about five days to pass or fail certification, though you can check the status of your app submission at any time at the developer portal. For more information on passing certification, please see the Windows Phone 7 Marketplace policies.

There are three key controls to watch out for:

1. Panorama based applications offer a unique manner to view controls, data, and services in a long horizontal canvas that extends beyond the confines of the screen, and provides the touch and animation features that invite the user to explore and consume your application. The panorama generally serves as the starting point from which the user can drill into subsequent experiences.

2. Pivot is a way to visualize data for customers, giving them the ability to filter from one view of the data to another. The speed and simplicity of the control will be a welcome enhancement to data driven applications.

3. The Bing Maps control gives you the ability to instantly build compelling map experiences that include a full suite of map functionality… search, directions, scroll, zoom, aerial view, street view, and more, all with a single drag and drop operation. The control also comes with a free commercial license for your Windows Phone apps.

Another developer resource launching today is Microsoft Advertising’s new Mobile Advertising SDK for Windows Phone 7 and Microsoft Advertising Exchange for Mobile, the industry’s first real-time, bidded mobile ad exchange.

To put your ideas into action, take advantage of the great online Jump Start training and download the UI design guide.


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