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Free Online UK Tech Days Training – 8th October

Everything you need know about the Windows Azure Platform ­– 9.30am to 3.30pm, 8 October 2010

You’ll have access to three virtual rooms full of the information you’ve been looking for on the Windows Azure Platform, SQL Azure and a lot of other great cloud insights.

· Cirrus Room -  A high-level summary of the key technologies in the Windows Azure Platform such as App Fabric from Microsoft UK experts

· Altocumulus – Hear from companies who have already developed for Azure including

· Stratocumulus – Get down to the low level clouds in our deeper technical sessions

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Special Introductory Offers – Limited time only

Windows Azure Introductory Offers - Do you want to get free compute/storage/IO on Windows Azure?

Take advantage of our Windows Azure Introductory offers available now and follow Steve Plank’s step by step guidance on how to get the most of these offers without any stress.

There are 2 main offers:

· The first offer is known as the Introductory Special. It gives you 25 hours of compute time per month plus a mixture of storage and an IO plan that would fit neatly with 25 hours of compute.

· The second is Windows Azure Platform MSDN Premium, which gives 750 hours of compute (plus suitable storage and IO) per month to MSDN Premium and MSDN Ultimate subscribers. It is also available to BizSpark customers.

See Steve’s Blog here for more details

Free Online Resources

There are many online resources for Windows Azure but here is our recommendation of which ones to look at first:

· Get Started Guide

· On-demand Training Videos – Channel9

· MSDN Support Website

· Free 96 Page Windows Azure Introduction Book

· Windows Phone and the Cloud--an Introduction

· Azure Training Kit Download

· Free Code Samples


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