The Next Generation user group has a lot of goodies coming up on the approach Christmas, followed by the tech equivalent of some cracking January sales. Over to Ryan O’Neill for the lowdown.

First up, in November we’ll be demonstrating the really cool .Net Micro Framework running on real hardware. If you don’t know what Micro Framework is (MF for short) then it’s pretty much .Net on a chip. Why the fuss, you may ask? Well, you can do some pretty cool things with it, from building remote control planes and cars to automating your home.

Ryan will be building a caller ID unit in C# and giving away some sponsored MF hardware (courtesy of Gus @ Richard will be doing a ten minute ‘nugget’ on Atomiq and Nitriq, two productivity tools for .Net (they’ve sponsored NxtGen UG for some licences too).

George Adamson is coming along in December to do his jQuery thing. George is VERY entertaining and has been rated as the top speaker at previous events. We’ll also be giving away an Xbox 360 in a raffle (though you must be a paid up member to win).

January sees the return of the globe-trotting, ex- stand-up comedian Mark Rendle (don’t worry, he’s still funny) who will be doing his highly rated ‘Dynamic Alchemy: Real-world uses for dynamic C#’. Mark’s a  real favourite -  his talks are engaging, funny and very informative.

Now, swag! We are very lucky in Hereford because not only do we get swag from DevExpress, Telerik and JetBrains (over 1.5k of licenses each month) but also occasional top-ups from Microsoft and other community oriented people such as Red-Gate and

You can come along twice without joining and see if you like it, then we ask you to join so we can cover speaker expenses, food and venue costs (we don’t make a profit, very dot com like). We provide the pizza and drinks, you just turn up (don’t forget to register on the website first, or no pizza for you!).

You can find us at We meet once a month in Hereford Shire Hall (plus Birmingham, Coventry, Cambridge, Southampton, Oxford and Manchester too).