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‘Build an App for that’ TechDays Online Conference, 20 January – view session recordings now

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‘Build an App for that’ TechDays Online Conference, 20 January – view session recordings now

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Session links now available!

Attendees at our Build an App for That online conference enjoyed demo-rich sessions designed to help with building applications for the browser, Windows 7, and Windows Phone 7. Click the agenda links below to access the session recordings.

We’d love to know what you thought of the conference so that we can bring you an even better experience next time. Please take a couple of minutes to fill in our feedback form.


Track one

Applications with Windows and HTML

Track two

Applications in Silverlight Introduction

Track three

Applications in Silverlight in-depth

15.00 – 15.45

Keynote – Microsoft & The Client Landscape, Mark Quirk


15.45 – 16.30

The Bluffer’s Guide to Expression Blend, Jon Harris

10 minute break

16.40 – 17.25

Modern Windows Applications

Mike Taulty

More resources

Silverlight Platform Overview

John Allwright

WCF RIA Services

Deepesh Mohnani

17.25– 18.10

User Interfaces with Touch

Stephen Kennedy

Silverlight for Windows Phone 7 Overview

Mike Ormond

More resources

Architectural Patterns with MVVM and RIA Services

John Papa

10 minute break

18.20 – 19.05

Using HTML5 and CSS3 Today

Martin Beeby

More resources

Silverlight for LOB Apps

Mike Taulty

More resources

Creating Silverlight Apps with PRISM

Karl Shifflett

19.05 – 19.50

Internet Explorer 9

Martin Beeby

More resources

Silverlight and Multi-Tier Apps

Mike Taulty

More resources

Premium Media Experiences with Silverlight

David Sayed

Here are some of our top picks from the event – let us know what you liked most by posting a comment below.

1. Expression Blend training

2. SketchFlow video

3. Great blog about software design and user experience

4. A fun way to learn about building Silverlight applications with Expression

5. Multi-touch input in Silverlight

6. Building modern Windows applications and more information on WPF (Mike T's content)

  • That sounds awesome !

  • I'm glad it'll be recorded and posted online afterwards, as I want to watch all three channels!

  • That Sounds Great will have to check the diary

  • Will we be able to watch at later date if we cant make it?

  • Great feast of information!  Thanks for this.

  • Sounds Good...I'll try to clear the desk by then!

  • Can you confirm which time zone? Presume GMT as its UK.

  • gr8 apportunity to learn abt things one doesn't know much :=)

  • As above - can someone confirm the time zone - the web is global lets not forget

  • Hi folks - a couple of you have asked about time zones for this event. You can be sure that any events we post on the UK MSDN blog will be GMT unless we specifically say otherwise.

    Roll on 20th January!

  • Ooops . I didnt get a chance to register . It is full now :(

  • Sounds great, but registration is now full. Where will the recording be available from?

  • Hi folks - if you've had trouble registering because the event was full give it another go now.

  • I will be present.  It seems a good start for what is to come in this new year.

  • Very nice! What time zone is it though?

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