The Ministry of Sound has developed a Windows Phone 7 application for anyone who wants to keep on top of the music, recent club events, artist releases and news from the famous club. Technical lead Steven Wong took a breather to talk to us about developing for Windows Phone 7, where the idea came from and why they chose Windows to release the application.

Please describe your mobile application

It’s a music/lifestyle application that allows users to listen to our online radio streams, view photo galleries of recent club night events and read about the latest from Ministry of Sound HQ. Users can also find out about latest artist releases and purchase mobile tickets to enter the club.

Where did the idea come from?

It’s a general mobile application that we also have on other mobile platforms.

Is you app a paid for app or a free app?

Paid for.

Is there anything unique in your app that is only possible because of Windows Phone 7?

The general user experience is very smooth. The metro design and concepts of panning through the application are unique to Windows Phone 7 development.

What opportunity/opportunities did you see with Windows Phone 7?

The Microsoft Mobile platform, how it goes hand in hand with Zune and its ability to sell music, was the last major ‘up and coming’ territory we as a company had yet to exploit.

Why did you make the investment in Windows Phone 7 over other platforms?

We had worked with other platforms already… it was a golden opportunity.

Have you used Silverlight in the past?

Yes – a non-Hello World / Video Player type application for internal users.

How did you find working with Silverlight?

XAML can be a bit fiddly if you can’t break away from traditional UI programming mind sets.

How did you find the development experience overall?

Learn as we go along.

Have you developed for other mobile platforms in the past?

Yes – Windows Mobile (earlier versions back in 2005), nothing like WP7, trust me.

What platform features most impressed you?

Silverlight in its entirety…

MoS_Club_screenshot_02_480x800 MoS_Club_screenshot_03_480x800 MoS_Club_screenshot_04_480x800

MoS_Club_screenshot_05_480x800 MoS_Club_screenshot_06_480x800 MoS_Club_screenshot_08_480x800