Tasks1I must confess I hadn’t even noticed tasks weren’t there until someone pointed it out to me in Aberdeen.

Tasks2I’m not a heavy user of Outlook tasks – I organise my activities (arguably not very successfully) in other mystical ways which I cannot speak of here – but if you are a tasks user, I imagine it might feel like you’re groping around in the dark a bit.

The good news is those clever chaps at APPA Mundi have built a tasks application for Windows Phone 7 that will keep everything nicely in sync with Exchange Server. They’ve come up with a great name too – APPA Mundi Tasks!

Tasks3The application has only just gone on the Markeplace. I did a little bit of testing for them last week against our Exchange Server and all worked a treat – I could read, create, edit, delete tasks on either my desktop or the phone and all was nicely sync’d for me.

So if you’re missing the tasks functionality from Outlook, take a look at Tasks and while you’re at it, check out the other great applications APPA Mundi have been working on for Windows Phone 7.