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MSDN Flash poll – My first computer was…

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MSDN Flash poll – My first computer was…

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Mine was a ZX Spectrum with rubber keys. Anyone remember how frustrating it was when the games took forever to load then crashed at the last minute?!

  • It also had 32K of memory and a full size keyboard added.

  • I had a ZX81 with 32K of memory and a full size keyboard attached. It still had to load the programmes through an old tape player though which took forever and would often take several attempts to load. It was a great machine to learn on and I created some great programmes.

  • The Codemasters games were my favourites - ATV Bikes and Super Stuntman amused and infuriated me in equal measure!

  • When I was at school (about 1968) we had an Olivetti Programma 101 (or something like that) which was really a programmable desktop calculator. About the size of a small suitcase! You could record key steps and it had primitive looping and conditional functions. Programs were stored on magnetic cards about the size of a punched card (if anyone remembers those!) As you might have guessed from my surname my first program was to calculate a (very approximate...) value of Pi.

    Then I moved on to Elliot 803 and 4130 at University and ICL 1900 series at my first job with ICL. It took four men to wheel in the 512k memory upgrade for our 1900 machine - but it went like a train after that!

    Happy days!


  • It was a VAX 11/780.  Well, technically it wasn't mine, but it was the first one I used.  I remember playing Empire on it rather too much.  After that, the first computer I used at home was a Commodore PET 2002 with a massive 8k of RAM, and that horrible calculator-style keyboard.  They've got one in the Museum of Computing in Swindon now :-)

  • My first PC was a Windows 98 custom built PC ,

  • Commadore 16, but the Amiga 500+ was may favourite computer growing up. I whiled away hours on championship manager, the simpsons, golden axe and the secret of monkey island. Paperboy was my favourite commadore 16 game.

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