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Games Day

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Games Day

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My favourite day of the school year was the last day of term, the day you got to bring games in. Top of my list was Screwball Scramble, a simple yet massively addictive game. I lost around a year of my childhood to that game, but my god was I good.

What was your favourite game to take in for games day? Share it in the comments.

As this is the last day for many of you, I thought I'd bring in a game. Rather than passing around a game of screwball scramble I thought I'd suggest something a little more portable.

Pirates Love Daisies is a tower defence game written in HTML5 and JavaScript. To play it you'll need a HTML5 compliant browser like IE9 Beta, Firefox 3.6,  Opera 10, Safari 5 or Chrome 6+.

Now I must have been off sick when they covered this in school, but apparently pirates love nothing more than a fresh daisy and in this game it's your job to recruit a crew of pirates to protect your stash of daises from being stolen.

Below is a little video I put together when the game was released last Friday.

You can play the game here:

  • Hungry Hippos was always a good one :-)

  • Mousetrap or Operation for me!

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