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Big fat Microsoft developer resource round-up

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Big fat Microsoft developer resource round-up

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When I started writing this post this morning I thought it would be a quick one, but here I am a couple of hours later with eye strain and a thirst for gin and tonic. I think that means we can be quite good at hiding the great developer resources we have available! Hopefully this link list will help. Whereas the UK MSDN blog aims to keep you up to date with the latest Microsoft developer news and events, the folks at the helm of these blogs dive more deeply into the technologies you’re using every day.

Anything missing? Let me know and I’ll add it to the list.


C# - 

Visual Studio -

Windows Communication Foundation (Carlos Figueira) -

Windows Presentation Foundation -

SQL Server -

Access -

SharePoint -

Visual C++ team -

Visual Basic team -

F# -


Windows Internet Explorer team - -

Silverlight team -

Expression -


Azure team -

SQL Azure -


Windows Phone team -

Windows Phone developer team -


People in the know

Jason Zander on Visual Studio –(among other topics) -

Brian Harry on Visual Studio ALM and Farming -

Scott Guthrie -

Martin Beeby on Web -

Mike Ormond on Windows Phone -

Mike Taulty -

Steve Plank on Cloud -


  • Is the Beebs Mike Ormond in dsiguise? :-)

  • Haha - he's out in the open now! Thanks Kev

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