I’ve been checking every day this week to see if February’s issue was ready, and here it is, in time for the weekend. Here are a few of this month’s highlights:

MSDN Magazine February: Focus on Dynamic Programming
Learn about the new dynamic keyword in C# 4, a new feature that simplifies interoperability with dynamic languages and frameworks.

Integrating WPF in Windows Forms in Visual Studio 2010
How can you take advantage of new technologies in existing apps? Windows Forms and WPF for Beginners

Free E-book: Parallel Programming with Microsoft .NET
Learn design patterns for decomposition and coordination on multicore architectures. Includes samples in C#, VB and F#.

The Future of Silverlight
Among other questions, people have been asking us how Silverlight fits into an HTML5 future world where the <video> tag is available to developers.

IronRuby on Windows Phone 7
With Ruby and .NET worlds connected, endless new possibilities are enabled and the benefits of such a connection are nothing short of phenomenal.

Better Web Forms with the MVP Pattern
Take a look at implementing MVP for ASP.NET web forms and compare it to ASP.NET MVC and MVVM for WPF and Silverlight.

Twitter OAuth in F#
These F# demos use the Twitter APIs as simple examples of accessing online data interactively and working with it in F#.