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IE9 Release Candidate is Live

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IE9 Release Candidate is Live

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imageToday we launched the release candidate of IE9 and with it a few new features. You can download the RC here.




From a developers perspective one of the most interesting new features is native support for GeoLocation.  The new Geolocation object makes it simple to figure out where a user is located and the code snippet below shows how simple it is to implement.

<script> function findMe() { if (navigator.geolocation != undefined) { navigator.geolocation.watchPosition(onFound, onError); } } function onFound(pos) { alert("Lat:" + pos.coords.latitude + ", Long:" + pos.coords.longitude + "!"); } function onError() { } </script>

HTML5 and CSS3

IE9 now has full support for CSS3 2d Transforms and the DOM events have been updated to reflect the W3C specification changes.

The canvas API now has support for globalCompositeOperation which was lacking from the beta implementation. It means that demos like this now work.

Our support for Semantic Tags has now improved, if you don’t know what these are then you should check this article out from Emily Lewis on ScriptJunkie.

The IE9 video tag now supports both WebM and H.264 codecs which makes us the only browser that is going to have on-going support for both codecs. Talking of video there is now also video accessibility for media controls.



The chakra JavaScript engine is faster than ever and we are still top of the table in the SunSpider JavaScript Benchmark. This video here shows how we ensure IE9 is fast on all sorts of websites.

Site Pinning

Site pinning (where you drag the favicon to your toolbar) has now been improved so that you can drag objects from your site to the toolbar rather than the user having use the favicon. This means means you can make the feature more discoverable. You can also set multiple homepages for a pin site so when a user clicks on the toolbar Icon multiple pages will be displayed.

If like many users, you prefer have your toolbar docked to the side of your screen, IE9 can now pin to a vertical task bar.

Is it worth adding site pinning to your site? You bet it is I just saw some figures on an internal call that showed Huffington post users that use IE9 pinning spend 49% more time on that site and with they noted that people that pinned a site in IE9 responded 3x more to social requests.

What are you waiting for? Get IE9 RC now and check out all the new examples on the test drive website.

  • It is a pity that so many things do not work, that work in every other HTML5 CSS3 browser. Main thing is Google map links no longer work.

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