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MSDN Flash poll – how do you test your application?

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MSDN Flash poll – how do you test your application?

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  • If it compiles, it works!

  • In some cases, design driven testing may be preferable.

  • Question for Zoho Polls. Do you test in Chrome?

  • I can't see the whole of the results graph on my screen - it's hidden under the right hand panel. Was it tested?

  • It's a little bit of everything - unit tests for the core code, integration tests for the product and a huge swathe of performance testing for the benchmarketing

  • It's quite shocking how many people "test as they go" I'm glad I'm not using their software!

  • "Works on my machine"

  • We use a combination of the above:

    1 - BDD

    2 - Unit Tests

    3 - Internal QA department (manual and scripted testing)

    We are also investigating adding TDD to this list too.

    For a successful commercial business system where your reputation is at stake, you can't be too careful...

  • Automatic regression testing is the only way to go. Every one of our builds goes through a two-hour test that would take a human being weeks - but it usually doesn't find anything as we also do manual testing "as we go". But the most important thing is to give developers the knowledge, time, space and encouragement to get it right in the first place. If your testing is finding a lot of bugs then something is wrong - it's like your airbag going off every time you drive your car.

  • unit tests

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