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Windows Azure Free Trial
Sign-up now to get free access to Windows Azure platform resources.

Team Explorer Everywhere SP1
If you or any of your fellow developers are Eclipse users and an MSDN subscriber, check out Team Explorer Everywhere Service Pack 1.

Dynamic Data: Pattern Matching Database Records with F#
When migrating data from other sources into a single database used by your app, you'll probably have to employ some matching and de-duplication processes to end up with a useful data store. We'll show you four different matching algorithms and the F# code to implement them.

Dynamic .NET: Understanding the Dynamic Keyword in C# 4
The dynamic keyword brings exciting new features to C# 4. We'll show you how it works and why it simplifies a lot of your coding tasks, including some handy COM interop possibilities.

Code Samples Index for Windows Azure
Code samples for Windows Azure application developers - check back often to see what's new.

6 New Windows Phone Virtual Labs
Learn how to build great applications for Windows Phone through a series of guided hands-on labs that take 90 minutes or less. MSDN Virtual Labs require no installation and are available immediately - for free.

o Building your First Windows Phone 7 Application

o Hello Windows Phone

o Launchers and Choosers

o Using Pivot and Panorama Controls

o Application Lifecycle

o Windows Phone Navigation and Controls

SharePoint 2010 for developers - what's new?
ASP.NET 2.0 came to SharePoint in 2007 but the development story left us wanting more. Sahil Malik reports on the improvements in SharePoint 2010.

Developing a Real Outlook Social Connector Provider by Using a Proxy Library
Learn how to create an Outlook Social Connector provider, return friend and non-friend information, return activity information, and create a Microsoft Windows Installer (.msi) package for deployment.