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Wanna get creative on 24 March?

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Wanna get creative on 24 March?

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Tech.Days Online Conference – Create.Design.Deliver | Windows Phone 7

Last Thursday more than 250 developers joined us for the latest Tech.Days online conference – it was great to see so many of you online. We’ve now added the recordings from the event for you to enjoy at your leisure. Simply click the links in the agenda below. PowerPoint slides are now available, too.

These additional resources are also well worth a look:

Think.Dev Rewards

Windows Phone 7 Workshop

XNA Track Videos

Mike Ormond’s Blog

Paul Foster’s Blog


Track One: Building Apps for Phone

Track Two: Building Games for Phone

15:00 - 15:45

Keynote: Developing for Windows Phone 7 in the UK

PPT slides

(Will Coleman)

15:45 - 16:30

General session: Tips & Tricks for Windows Phone 7 Applications and Marketplace

(Mike Ormond & Paul Foster)

16:30 - 16:40


16:40 - 17:25

Using the MVVM Pattern

PPT slides

(Laurent Bugnion)

Practical AI in XNA Games

PPT slides

(Paul Foster)

17:25 - 17:35


17:35 - 18:20

 Performance Optimisation

PPT slides

(Oren Nachman)

Overview of 3D Collision Detection Techniques in XNA

PPT slides

(Ed Powell)

18:20 - 18:30


18:30 - 19:15

 Platform Integration

PPT slides

(Yochay Kiriaty)

Incorporating Advanced Render Techniques in WP7 XNA Games: Rendering a Sea

PPT slides

(Charles Humphrey/Ed Powell)

19:15 - 19:25


19:25 - 20:10

Push Notification Services

PPT slides

(Andy Wigley)

Sunburn World Lighting on Windows Phone 7

PPT slides

(Simon Jackson)

20:10 - 20:30

Q&A / Wrap Up

  • Nice to see I'll be working US Time that day. Grrrrrr.

  • Is it possible to download the presentation content for those of us who missed it?

  • Yes, we're currently collating speakers presentation decks and it will be made available early next week at the very latest.

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