Many of you would have already registered for the upcoming Tech.Days Online Conference – Design.Create.Deliver with Windows Phone 7 kicking off on Thursday 24 March at 3PM. We have an exciting line up of topics and speakers. Register now to attend the online conference.




Track One: Building Apps for Phone

Track Two: Building Games for Phone

15:00 - 15:45

Keynote: Developing for Windows Phone 7 in the UK (Will Coleman)

Since the launch of Windows Phone 7 in the UK last year, we've seen tens of thousands of developers sign up and thousands of apps launch in Marketplace. Find out what we're doing locally to support you in designing brilliant experiences, getting your app into Marketplace and how you can be part of the greater Windows Phone developer community.

15:45 - 16:30

General Session: Tips & Tricks for Windows Phone 7 Applications and Marketplace

Join Mike Ormond & Paul Foster, Evangelists at Microsoft UK, for a discussion about development and publication of Windows Phone applications. Mike & Paul will run through some common pitfalls to help you successfully navigate the publishing process first time around.

This session is intended to be an open forum. We welcome your questions on the subject of Windows Phone application development and submission.

16:30 - 16:40


16:40 - 17:25

Using the MVVM Pattern (Laurent Bugnion)

The MVVM Pattern has gained a lot of popularity for Silverlight and WPF applications but it’s sometimes perceived as overly complex. This session sets out to explain what MVVM is, its benefits and side-effects and will go on to give a simple practical demonstration of MVVM in action.

Practical AI in XNA Games (Paul Foster)

This session demonstrates several examples of incorporating AI into WP7 XNA games giving you plenty of ideas of how to use AI in your Windows Phone 7 game.

17:25 - 17:35


17:35 - 18:20

Performance Optimisation (Oren Nachman)

This session focuses on eking the last ounce of performance from the device (optimizing your apps to make reasonable demands on the platform might be a better way to look at it). We’ll look at threading, memory usage and networking amongst other things and investigate a number of strategies to ensure your application performs as well as it possibly can.

Overview of 3D Collision Detection Techniques in XNA (Ed Powell)

A very practical overview of 3D collision detection techniques for Windows Phone 7 XNA games providing insight to the different approaches and which are best for your game.

18:20 - 18:30


18:30 - 19:15

Platform Integration (Yochay Kiriaty)

The Windows Phone 7 APIs give you access to underlying platform features you can use to enhance the user experience for your applications. As well as looking at tombstoning (why it’s important, strategies for managing state etc) we’ll take a look at features such as hub integration and launchers and choosers to see how you can get the most out of the platform.

Incorporating Advanced Render Techniques in WP7 XNA Games: Rendering a Sea (Charles Humphrey/Ed Powell)

Using advanced effects we walk you through the building of a sea renderer complete with reflection and wave movements. You will gain a good insight into some of the advance effect techniques possible on Windows Phone 7. The final renderer will be demonstrated in a Windows Phone 7 game re-enacting The Battle of Trafalgar.

19:15 - 19:25


19:25 - 20:10

Push Notification Services (Andy Wigley)

Microsoft Push Notification Services (or MPNS) is a key part of the Windows Phone 7 infrastructure. It offers a shared channel for efficient delivery of application messages to the device, even when the specific application isn’t running. This creates a potential for always connected apps and a greater connection with the user. In this session we’ll review the MPNS architecture, notifications types and how to utilize them as well as response handling. We’ll also look at hosting your service in Windows Azure and using Live Tile scheduling if MPNS is more than you need.

Sunburn World Lighting on Windows Phone 7 (Simon Jackson)

Synapse Gaming's Sunburn Game Engine provide professional XNA lighting and rigging tools. With their new Windows Phone 7 focused product we show how you can bring professional, multipoint, multi-style lighting to your Windows Phone 7 XNA worlds.

20:10 - 20:30

Q&A / Wrap Up

 Speakers Profile



Oren Nachman

Oren Nachman is a Software Development Engineer in Test at Microsoft, on the Silverlight team, focusing on performance in both the core Silverlight for Windows Phone platform and in applications written in Silverlight for Windows Phone. He publishes a blog with Silverlight performance tips at

Yochay Kiriaty

Yochay is a senior technical evangelist in Developer and Platform Evangelism at Microsoft in the US.

Laurent Bugnion

Laurent works as Director of UX Integration Development for IdentityMine, one of the leading companies (and Gold Partner) for Microsoft technologies such as Windows Presentation Foundation, Silverlight, Surface, Windows 7, Windows Phone 7 and generally User Experience. He is based in Zurich Switzerland, where he lives with his wife Chi Meei and his two daughters Alise and Laeticia. In October 2010, the book "Silverlight 4 Unleashed" that he wrote was published at Sams, an advanced sequel to "Silverlight 2 Unleashed" (published Oct 2008). He codes in Silverlight, WPF, Windows Phone 7, ASP.NET and his blog is on  2011 is his 5th year as a Microsoft MVP (Silverlight). He is also the author of the well-known open source framework MVVM Light for WPF, Silverlight and Windows Phone 7.

Andy Wigley

Andy Wigley is an expert on developing mobile applications using Silverlight for Windows Phone and the Microsoft .NET Compact Framework and is the co-author of a number of Microsoft Press books including Microsoft Silverlight for Windows Phone 7 Step By Step (to be published 2011), Mobile Development Handbook (published May 2007) and Microsoft .NET Compact Framework Core Reference. He is a founder of the mobile application consulting company, APPA Mundi Ltd (  Andy is a Microsoft MVP (Most Valuable Professional) for device application development. He lives with his family in North Wales, where he pursues his love of rock climbing.

Paul Foster

Paul has been programming computers and building bits of kit for over 27 years, of which 15 have been with Microsoft. Always looking to build with the latest and greatest technology available, Paul spends his time sharing his activities and creations online via his blog or in person. For a short time Paul was a member of a circus high-wire flying trapeze troupe, and is a keen dinghy sailor.

Ed Powell

Edward Powell is the Development Manager for Vectric Ltd., where he works on 3D modeling for manufacture. In his spare time he runs the XBlig-UK user group, which meets each month in the Midlands, and is a regular contributor to He has a particular interest in 3D rendering & game engine architecture

Charles Humphrey

Charles Humphrey has been a professional developer since 1995. My skill set ranges from C/C++, MSSQL, HTML/ASP, Java, C#, ASP.NET as well as others. I started 3D and games development when the first release of XNA came out in December 2006 and have become addicted to it.

Simon Jackson

Simon (Darkside) Jackson, indie Developer, Dark Omen Games / XNA-UK.NET. Simon has been an indie developer for many years now since before XNA was initially released. He's worked on many projects and focuses on driving the best out of any given technology and sharing that with the community. He has a passion for educating new people into gaming development and getting them started. He is currently focusing on all aspects of mobile development with the Windows Phone 7 platform. Simon can be found online at and reached using the Contact form there or on Twitter as @DDReaper.


We look forward to seeing you at the Tech.Days Onine Conference this month.