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Do you need 1-2-1 help on developing and publishing Windows Phone 7 Apps?

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Do you need 1-2-1 help on developing and publishing Windows Phone 7 Apps?

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If you answered yes, then you need to get to our Windows Phone 7 Workshops which is held in Birmingham, London and Manchester in March & April. Our goal is to get as many apps ready for Marketplace submission as possible, give you the opportunity to get one-on-one assistance from MVPs or Microsoft evangelists, help you overcome any development and Marketplace submission challenges, and to have some fun along the way.

At these workshops, you’ll receive one-on-one assistance from MVPs and Microsoft Evangelists and tutorials on demand on such topics as Tombstoning, Databinding, Startup performance, Designing with Expression Blend, Data storage and pretty much anything else you can think of!

So come along if you have a great idea for an app and need help getting started. These events run on a Saturday for deveopers to attend outside of work or college commitments, starting from 9:00 running through to 21:00. We’ll provide lunch and refreshments! We’ll also be providing prizes at each event including a Samsung Omnia Windows Phone 7 Device, an Xbox and Kinect Console and software Licenses.


Places are limited, so sign up fast! Click here to register!


Saturday, 26th March – Birmingham

Saturday 2nd April – London

Saturday 9th April – Manchester

Saturday 16th April – London 


  • These events sound great - wish they had one just a bit further north for those in the North East, Cumbria and Scotland - I'm sure an event like this would be well attended, I know of at least half a dozen Windows Phone 7 developers in Newcastle - just need another 44 from elsewhere and you'd have a full set!

    Great idea making it a Saturday as those who work can attend - look forward to seeing more events like this as a Windows Phone 7 developer this helps enthuse the community even more and increase demand so everyone gains!

  • Do you have to attend from 9am - 9pm, or is it all flexible?

    How long is a session(s)?

    I've been reading up loads on WP7 and WPF and do have some experience but i am a bit rusty in these areas - would this be ok for me to attend?

  • Thanks for your feedback, this is our first series of WP7 workshops and we are looking to visit cities in Scotland in the very near future. We will keep you posted around future events.

  • Yes, your attendance is flexible and you don't have to attend for the entire time. It is set up like a clinic where you can drop in and ask the questions you want. With regard to your experience, it will be ok for you to attend. Our MVPs will be able to assist.

  • Sorry a few more questions (just need to convince others etc)

    Any offers on hotels if we have to stay overnight?

    Are the workshops time limited and appointment based? Or are they run from 9-9 and we could conveniently walk in as required?

    If we cant attend one of the workshops, would we be able to pick up any notes/tutorials to take away?

    Thank you

  • No problem, keep the questions coming.

    With regards to hotel offers, unfortunately, we don't have any available.

    The workshops are designed to be 'clinic' based setting so you're welcome to stay as long/short as you like. Bring your questions/issues and our Windows Phone MVPs will be able to assist. So, yes, you certainly can walk in conveniently as required.

    With regards to notes/tutorials, the Windows Phone MVPs may have some material to pass on or refer you to.

  • Would there be free parking at Manchester Conference? Most likely we'll be travelling by car.

    The T&C state "we’ll give preference to those who already have a Windows Phone 7 developer account setup on AppHub"

    Is this the standard free account or the paid account (i think the paid version allows you to unlock phones, publish apps etc)? If its the paid account, do we get a confirmation email once everything has been accepted/booked (we dont want to book hotels etc only later to find out that our seats are not booked)?

    Thanks again

  • Unfortunately, there is no free parking available for the workshop, there is however paid parking on a multi-storey building near the venue. With regard to the T&C question, we currently have space so you are welcome to register first and get an account at a later date. Key is to register now to secure your space as we're unlikely to turn people away at this stage.

  • This event is free, isnt it?

  • absolutely, the workshop is free, just don't forget to bring your own laptop to work on!

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