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IE9 is Go!

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IE9 is Go!

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Now it's not often you get me working at 00:28 in the morning without at least Visual Studio booted up, but this morning was different.

You see IE9 was being Launched (you can download it here) at SXSW and I was excited to see what new demos they had up their sleeve.

There was a great one from @ZEFrank which you can see below, it’s inspiring to see someone who really understands and can articulate the feeling of excitement and opportunity that building for the web delivers.

His HTML5 demo is a social game, meets social network where you can reward your friends by awarding them stars. I’ve not played it yet myself, but the idea seems interesting.

If you don’t know who ZEFrank is then make sure you watch this incredible video from his TED Talk in 2010 (the ending made nearly me cry):

Mike Tompkins

If you haven’t heard of Mike Tompkins then congratulations, you are getting out of the house enough. This new site lets you play with his cover of Fireworks by Katy Perry. You can mess around with the volume of all the different elements. You can also use the audio tool to create your own mini masterpiece and share it with your pals on Facebook and Twitter.

One technical point that is worth noting, is that in the default view, there are 16 videos playing at the same time with no lag. This is only possible because of IE9 hardware acceleration.

If you don’t know who Mike Tompkins is then you should check out the video below:


Also at the launch foursquare introduced their new HTML5  experience Foursquare Playground  which gives you an interactive view of your locality. The demo showcases IE9s hardware accelerated canvas and the new GeoLocation feature, which allows the user to a give site permission to figure out their current geographical position. In the image below you can see a HTML5 version of my little part of Northampton, all the buildings represent locations in my local area and you can dive into them to find out who the mayor is.


Kung Fu Master

Think another browser is faster than IE9? Why not test it using the new Kung Fu Master  game. The speed in this demo is Jaw dropping and It’s only possible because we have unlocked the power of the PC by using Hardware acceleration.


If the sites above have inspired you to get into HTML5 why not enter our HTML5 competition?

  • IE 9 ony runs on Windows 7. Pity, there is no way I'm "upgrading" to Windows 7 I'm forced to use it every day at work. Its a relief to get back to normality at home. I can use my XP system without incessant dialogs telling me I need to give administrative permission to open a dialog. Its Bizzare - you're trying to make Windows look like a Mac, but when did you last see a UAC dialog on a MacBook or iphone...?

  • You could just switch the prompts off if they annoy you?

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