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IE9 is only awesome because of you guys

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IE9 is only awesome because of you guys

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IE9 has only been possible because of the feedback that we got from developers over the past 12 months. After 8 developer previews, a beta, a release candidate and 40 million downloads, the final version of IE9 is finally available for download. To deliver this release the IE team addressed over 17,000 externally reported bugs and with each fix IE9 got better and better. The quality of the product would not have been possible without people like you testing and feeding back issues.

To summarize the release I’ve listed below all the new features I can think of. Rather than reading about the features it’s far more fun to experience them for yourself so go try it out for yourself now and revel in the product you helped build.

Full hardware acceleration

Uses graphics hardware for text, graphics, and video. Web sites can use the entire PC, not just the CPU. Take a look at a video from 2009 where channel 9 discussed this in more detail and then again in April 2010. I think this website really shows you why we concentrate so hard on Hardware acceleration, the game feels so quick:

New JavaScript engine (“Chakra”)

Compiles script in the background on PC’s extra cores and according to the Webkit Sunspider test is the fastest JavaScript Engine in the world. If you want to know more then check out this great Channel 9 video.

Continued focus on performance

Since Beta release, over 2,000 changes have been made to improve browser performance for real customer scenarios. This article shows how the performance team used slow machines to build fast browsers.

Separate Tab Row


Place tabs on a separate row from the address bar providing you more space for all your tabs.

Pinned sites. Easy to put any site on the task bar.


You can simply allow users to grab your sites Favicon and drag it to their desktop to pin a site to the task bar. 87% of people have launched a pinned app from the Taskbar, 33% of people pin at least one non-default app to the Taskbar, and 25% of end users use jump lists.

You can see test Tesco Real Foods implementation of site pinning by going to their website and dragging their favicon to the taskbar.

You you want to learn how to implement site pinning then check this post.

Multiple home pages in a single pinned site

You can now pin multiple home pages in a single pinned site and open several web pages simultaneously.

InPrivate Browsing for pinned sites

the bing homepage

If you pin a site with InPrivate browsing enabled, then the browsing session is automatically launched InPrivate next time.

Pin sites to any taskbar location


Pin sites to your taskbar wherever it’s positioned. In previous versions you could only pin to taskbars that were anchored to the bottom of the screen.

Drag to Pin Support for images


Developers can enable drag-to-pin support right on their pages. In previous versions you could only drag the Favicon but now developers can elect any image to be dragable. Take a look at this if you want to see a demo (you can drag the image of the radio to the taskbar.)

Jump lists. Easy for sites to add custom jump lists as well as notifications.


Only 15% of users have opened a link in a new tab with ctrl+click, less than 25% of users have used the Home button, 30% have opened Favourites and 99% of sessions have zero folders on the Favourites Bar. Whereas, 86% of people who use Windows 7 launch application from the Taskbar.

Aero Snap of tabs, just like applications

40% of sessions have 2 or more windows visible at the same time. This was the main motivation to design Aero Snap to swiftly arrange two windows. IE9 extended that ability to tabs which you can snap to the side of the screen for a side-by-side view of web content.

Clean experience focuses on the site, not the browser

New UI design makes use of Windows 7 to minimize the space devoted to browser controls and not duplicating functionality people are already used to using day in and day out.  More space within the browser is devoted to the site, and not the browser UI, so the site experience and branding show through.

Quieter Notifications help focus on site

Less important notifications automatically dismissed after a short period of time to emphasize higher priority notifications.

Private One Box combines address bar and search box

Respects your privacy by default, doesn’t send your keystrokes to services. Easy to use many different search engines.

Easily edit searches in One Box

Search a term in One Box and then easily refine that search term without having to retype your original query.

Better visibility for active Tab and easily close background tabs

Improved visibility of the active tab. Background tabs can be closed without having to select them first.

HTML5 & Same Markup

Support for richer application experiences (Canvas, SVG, WOFF, ES5…) that work across browsers.

Support for CSS2D Transforms, HTML5 semantic tags, Geolocation API, and playback of WebM-encoded video using the HTML5 video tag when a VP8 codec is installed

Download manager with SmartScreen “Malvertising” protection

Between 30% and 40% of the executable downloads today that have limited or no reputation established in our app rep system later end up declared as malware.  You can read more about Smart Screen here and Application reputation here.


Applications hang, and so do web sites. Isolating sites is important for reliability. You can rad more here

Add-on Performance Protection

Easy to know when add-ons are installed, which ones affect performance, and disable them. 75% of all crashes in IE originate from an add-on. Read more here

Tracking Protection

Tracking Protection allows you to limit browser’s communication with certain sites - determined by a Tracking Protection List - to help keep your information private. You can read more here.

ActiveX Filtering

Block ActiveX for all sites and then turn them back on for only the sites that you trust. Learn More here

  • > Easily edit searches in One Box: Search a term in One Box and then easily refine that search term without having to retype your original query.

    Can you please explain how to achieve this? I used this functionality all the time in IE8, but typing in the One Box only shows page titles or URLs, not previously-entered search strings. I have enabled AutoComplete in two different places (Options > Content and Advanced) and selected 'Search in the address bar'.

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