Bruce Lawson

The co-author of Introducing HTML5, collaborator and Web Evangelist at Opera Bruce Lawson is now confirmed to talk at Tech.Days on May 23rd.

The session abstract is now live at and I’ve printed it below for your viewing pleasure:

HTML5: Who, what, when, why?

It's the most-hyped technology since bread-slicers, but there's precious little information out there that isn't either nonsense or technobabble. Bruce Lawson cuts through the claptrap to look at what HTML5 actually is; when you can use it (hint: before 2022); how it came about, who made it and why we need it. With added Thai architecture and Turkish dancing.

I’ve been living under a rock, who is Bruce?

If you're new to HTML5 and don’t know who Bruce is then Mozilla's Chris Heilmann recently did a fantastic Interview with him that I recommend you take a look at. I’ve also popped his short Bio below:

Bruce Lawson evangelises Open Web Standards for Opera. He's been active in Web Standards since 2002, working with the Web Standards Project, the British Standards Institution's guidance on commissioning accessible web sites and the W3C Mobile Best Practices Working Group and co-authored "Introducing HTML5" (, the first full-length book on the subject.

He blogs at, is in training for his kickboxing bluebelt but is hampered by his love of Guinness.